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Urgent Office Visits Beverly Hills, CA

When you have a life-threatening medical issue, you may automatically head to the emergency room. If a minor issue arises, what do you do if your doctor is unavailable but you are unable to wait until you can see your primary care doctor? Urgent care services can provide convenient access to the medical assistance you need. Dr. Daniel Benhuri is an urgent medical care doctor for families in Beverly Hills, California.

Beverly Hills Urgent Medical Care Services

Urgent medical conditions are issues that need to be seen by a doctor within 24 hours. Examples of these conditions include falls, minor cuts, fractures, asthma attacks, urinary tract infections, flu and diagnostic testing services. Treatments are customized to best suit your health needs. As an urgent medical doctor, Dr. Benhuri can treat the following conditions at the Beverly Hills clinic:

Benefits of Urgent Care

Urgent care can help you avoid a few potential hardships many individuals experience when seeking care outside of a primary care doctor. You can avoid long wait times in the emergency room where life-threatening conditions are seen first. The cost for co-pays and other medical expenses are much cheaper than emergency care. Many health insurance plans may not pay for emergency services if your condition is not considered to be life-threatening. Urgent care doctors can offer compassionate and personalized attention to patients to ensure the highest quality of care.

Same Day Urgent Care Treatment

Urgent care services can provide the help you need when your primary care physician is unavailable. Dr. Daniel Benhuri provides a comprehensive range of urgent care services with same day treatment for individuals throughout the Los Angeles area in California. Extended evening and weekend hours are available for urgent care needs. New patients are currently being accepted at the Beverly Hills clinic. Schedule an appointment or walk in for treatment at 9400 Brighton Way, Suite #303 in Beverly Hills today.

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