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Ear Infections Beverly Hills, CA

Does your ear or your child’s ear hurt? This pain may signal an ear infection that require immediate medical care. These infections are more common in children than adults. Ear infection treatment is available from Dr. Daniel Benhuri in Beverly Hills for families throughout the Los Angeles area in California.

Symptoms of Ear Infection

Symptoms of ear infection may include pain, loss of appetite, irritability, fever, drainage and trouble sleeping. You may also experience a sore throat, stuffy nose and earache. Symptoms can occur in one ear or both ears. Contact a primary care doctor if symptoms last longer than a day or appear in a child under six months old.

Causes of Ear Infection

An ear infection may be caused by bacteria and viruses trapping fluid behind the eardrum. This can occur as the result of a cold, allergies, flu or other respiratory infection. Environmental irritants like cigarette smoke can increase the risk of developing this infection. Your primary care doctor may order tests to determine the cause and to recommend the best treatment plan for you.

To prevent the possibility of an infection, wash hands frequently with soap and water. Wean babies over 12 months old off pacifiers. Keep up-to-date on immunizations and avoid cigarette smoke around your children.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Ear Infections

Your primary care doctor may examine your ear with an otoscope to look for signs of infection in the eardrum. If there is redness or fluid buildup, this is a good indicator of infection. Treatment options may include antibiotics and pain medications. If frequent infections or complications develop, a procedure called myringotomy may be required. A small hole is created in the eardrum to allow trapped fluid to drain. Surgery may be required, which involves tubes to be inserted for drainage.

Beverly Hills Ear Infection Treatment

Ear infections can have fatal consequences if left untreated. Dr. Daniel Benhuri can create a customized treatment plan to provide long-lasting relief for your symptoms. If you need urgent care, evening and weekend hours are available. Same day appointments along with virtual and in-person consultations provide flexibility for convenient medical care. Dr. Benhuri is currently accepting new patients at the Beverly Hills location. Schedule an appointment today.

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