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Concussions Beverly Hills, CA

Concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries that can affect brain function. Multiple jolts to the head can create permanent damage. According to John Hopkins Medicine, millions of traumatic brain injuries occur each year in the United States, many of which do not require hospitalization. Concussions treatment from primary care doctor Dr. Daniel Benhuri can help relieve symptoms for individuals in Beverly Hills, California.

Symptoms of Concussions

Symptoms of concussions may include headaches, nausea or vomiting, confusion, blurry vision and a temporary loss of consciousness. You may also experience balance problems, ringing in the ears and sensitivity to light or noise. Fatigue, depression, irritability, memory loss and changes in sleep patterns may also occur. These symptoms may occur within minutes or take hours to develop.

If you or your child experience a head injury from falls or sports, get a physical examination from a primary care doctor within one to two days. Seek emergency medical treatment if you experience seizures, slurred speech or discharge from the ears or nose. Avoid strenuous physical activity or sports while signs and symptoms are present.

Causes of Concussions

Your brain is protected with a cushion of cerebrospinal fluid. Concussions are caused by your brain colliding with the inside of your skull. This can occur from violent blows from objects, being shaken or sudden acceleration or deceleration while in a car. Internal bleeding from these injuries can be fatal without proper treatment.

As part of the diagnosis process, your primary care doctor may perform a neurological exam and cognitive testing. The neurological exam will evaluate your vision, hearing, coordination, balance, reflexes and strength. Cognitive testing checks your memory, concentration and the ability to recall information. Imaging tests and 24-hour observation may be required at home or at a hospital for severe symptoms. Treatment may involve rest and pain medications as needed.

Beverly Hills Concussions Treatment

Concussions are highly treatable with primary care services. If you suspect that you or your child have symptoms of a concussion, Dr. Daniel Benhuri can provide superior medical care for your conditions. New patients are welcome and urgent care is available on evenings and weekends. Schedule an appointment today.

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