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Procedures Beverly Hills, CA

Are you looking for a primary care provider? Being proactive about your health is crucial for living a long and active life. A primary care doctor can partner with you to prevent disease and injury and help restore you back to optimal health when symptoms arise. Dr. Daniel Benhuri provides superior primary care services to help keep families healthy in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas in California.

Beverly Hills Primary Care Services

A primary care physician is vital for preventing, diagnosing and treating common medical conditions. From routine exams to specialist referrals and patient education, you can receive comprehensive care for all your health needs. Primary care services provided by Dr. Daniel Benhuri at the Beverly Hills clinic include:

Los Angeles Point-of-Care Testing

Dr. Daniel Benhuri provides point-of-care testing as part of primary care services for patients in the Los Angeles area of California. This type of testing allows reliable results of samples and specimens that would normally be sent to a lab to be obtained quickly during your appointment. Lab test results can take days to weeks to receive results, leaving patients to suffer until the information is delivered to the doctor to review. Some tests can be done in your home through concierge services during house calls. Your doctor will be able to use this information to create a customized treatment plan for you.

Point-of-care testing can shorten the length of a hospital stay and significantly reduce the cost of medical care. Some monitoring and testing devices can be used at home and deliver results to the doctor to review during telehealth appointments. These devices can promote a better quality of care for a comprehensive range of conditions. Patients can partner with the doctor through self-monitoring to manage and control symptoms.

Primary Care Services for the Whole Family

Primary care services through Dr. Daniel Benhuri helps Los Angeles families live healthy lifestyles with point-of-care testing and procedures with compassionate patient education and support. With convenient appointment scheduling and extended hours, along with virtual and in-person consultations, you can receive the best medical care in California. Schedule an appointment today.

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