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Concierge Care Beverly Hills, CA

Do you live a busy lifestyle and want to receive a higher level of personalized medical care? Unexpected changes in your healthcare needs and increased demands on your time can make it challenging to manage your medical requirements. The concierge medical care through Dr. Daniel Benhuri can be an excellent solution. This service provides more focus on patient-centered care, so you can enjoy a better overall quality of life.

What is Concierge Medical Care?

Concierge medical care is membership-based primary care services designed to meet the specific healthcare needs of an individual. Insurance plans may not always cover certain procedures. Men and women can get a better healthcare experience outside the confines of these plans with concierge services. This allows the primary care doctor to spend more time with a patient during an appointment to achieve personal health care goals. Patients can enjoy a comprehensive range of benefits, with membership fees for these services offered on a monthly or annual basis.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine

When you join the concierge medical care program at the Beverly Hills clinic of Dr. Benhuri, you will receive customized treatment to meet your unique needs. You can have direct communication with Dr. Benhuri anytime for your health concerns, including coordination and support for emergency medical care when traveling. Meet with the primary care doctor with telehealth video conferencing or house calls at your convenience. Patients receive shorter wait times and greater availability for appointments along with personalized health management plans.

Patients enrolled in concierge medical care typically experience fewer hospitalizations and receive more preventive services. With greater access to a primary care doctor, the need for visits to the emergency room is significantly reduced. You can also receive support for your diet and fitness goals so you can live a healthier lifestyle and lower future medical costs.

Beverly Hills Concierge Medical Care

With concierge medical care services, you can develop a meaningful, lifelong relationship with your primary care doctor. As a dedicated internal medicine and primary care doctor, Dr. Daniel Benhuri offers innovative treatments to help you and your family live the healthiest lives possible. Schedule an appointment to learn more about how to enroll in concierge medical care today.

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