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Pink Eye Beverly Hills, CA

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is a common infection in both children and adults. Approximately three to six million diagnoses occur in the United States each year. Pink eye treatment from Dr. Daniel Benhuri in Beverly Hills can help individuals throughout the Los Angeles area in California achieve relief.

Symptoms of Pink Eye

Symptoms of pink eye may include redness in the inner eyelid or whites of the eyes, thick discharge and itching or burning. Seek urgent care treatment if you experience blurred vision, sensitivity to light, swelling or the feeling of something stuck in your eye. Inflammation in the cornea may affect your vision. Pink eye can be contagious while you have symptoms or up to 48 hours after starting antibiotics. Avoid wearing contact lenses while you have symptoms.

You can control the spread of this infection by frequent hand washing and avoiding contact with your eyes. Throw away old cosmetics and change pillowcases on a regular basis. Avoid sharing towels or other personal hygiene items.

Causes of Pink Eye

Pink eye may be caused by allergens, bacteria and viruses. Air pollutants, chemicals in swimming pools and other toxic environmental irritants can be contributing factors. Newborns can get this condition from a blocked tear duct.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Pink Eye

You may be able to receive a diagnosis through a virtual consultation. An office visit may not be necessary because a doctor can detect the infection with a visual examination. Treatment options may include artificial tears, eye drops and antibiotic ointments.

The type of treatment you receive may depend on the condition of your eye and the cause of the pink eye. Your primary care doctor can discuss these options with you during a consultation appointment. Contact your doctor immediately if symptoms fail to improve after treatment.

Beverly Hills Pink Eye Treatment

Pink eye can be effectively treated with prompt medical care. Dr. Daniel Benhuri can provide a comprehensive examination and recommend the best treatment options for you. Same day appointments, along with evening and weekend hours, are available for convenient appointment scheduling. New patients are welcome to visit the Beverly Hills clinic for any healthcare needs. Schedule an appointment today.

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