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Telemedicine Beverly Hills, CA

Telemedicine appointments offer convenience in accessing a doctor when you have questions or concerns about your health. Some individuals may have trouble receiving medical care due to limited movement, lack of transportation, living too far away from the doctor or needing medical care while traveling. If you are unable to visit a primary care doctor in person, Dr. Daniel Benhuri offers telemedicine appointments for individuals throughout the Los Angeles area in California.

How Telemedicine Appointments Work

During these appointments, the primary care doctor can review your medical history, discuss lab results and perform a visual physical examination. Some medical conditions may require an in-person appointment for further treatment. In-person evaluations may be necessary for earaches, abdominal pain, orthopedic injuries, breast exams and genital conditions. With telehealth appointments, patients may receive an annual wellness exam, address mental issues and receive assessments of health concerns like skin conditions and minor injuries.

Preparation for a Telehealth Visit

In order to have a telehealth visit, you need to have reliable internet service and a computer or phone. Dr. Daniel Benhuri also offers a patient portal online where you can send emails, request prescription refills and set up appointments. If you are accessing a telehealth visit by your computer, you may receive a link you can click via email. The majority of telemedicine appointments last approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Make sure you are in a quiet place and use headphones to eliminate any audio interference issues. Have your insurance and medication ready before your appointment. You may also want to have a bathroom scale, thermometer and blood pressure monitor nearby, if you have these devices. It can be helpful to have notes prepared ahead of time to remind you of items you would like to address during your appointment. For skin injuries or rashes, you may want to consider taking pictures to send to the primary care doctor for evaluation.

Los Angeles Telehealth/Virtual Visit

Telemedicine appointments offer convenient medical care when access to a clinic or hospital is challenging. Dr. Daniel Benhuri offers telemedicine appointments for individuals throughout California. If you have any questions about how virtual visits work, friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you. For life-threatening medical conditions, please call 911 or visit your local emergency room. Schedule a telehealth appointment today.

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