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House Calls Beverly Hills, CA

Are you or someone you love elderly, disabled or homebound? These individuals may have challenges with accessing medical care due to severe illness, transportation issues or limited mobility. House calls allow physicians to administer primary care with maximum comfort and privacy in a patient’s own home. Dr. Daniel Benhuri is a board certified house call doctor specializing in internal medicine and primary care.

Physician Home Visits

Patients can receive personalized medical care and attention at home in the Beverly Hills area in California. Lab work, diagnostic tests, physical exams and other procedures can be provided on the spot. Any medical equipment necessary for the appointment can be transported directly to the patient’s home. These visits can be scheduled as needed. Referrals can be made for specialists who make home visits to treat complex medical conditions.

Concierge Care

Dr. Daniel Benhuri offers concierge care memberships for families in Beverly Hills, California. As a member, you can receive a house call visit at your convenience with little wait time. You can eliminate long office waits and spend ample time with the primary care doctor. These visits can keep you healthier by reducing your exposure to illnesses from other people. Emergency room visits and medical costs can be significantly reduced.

Since care is provided at the patient’s location, environmental assessments can be made to eliminate fall risks for elderly individuals. Medication issues can be resolved easier to prevent complications from adverse reactions. Lifestyle recommendations may also be fine-tuned, as medical professionals are better able to assess the environment in which the patient lives. Home visits can also offer convenience to discuss end-of-life goals with the entire family present in one place.

Beverly Hills CA House Call Doctor

If you are unable to leave your home to receive medical care, house calls can be a convenient and affordable option to help you achieve optimal health. As a concierge doctor, Dr. Daniel Benhuri is accepting new patients for physician home visits. Patients receive customized treatment plans to address personal health concerns and conditions. Virtual consultations are also available for individuals throughout the Los Angeles area in California. Schedule an appointment for a home visit today.

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