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Echocardiogram Beverly Hills, CA

Are you experiencing issues with your heart? Medical testing can help you determine what is wrong so you can get the best medical care. An echocardiogram is a common medical test to diagnose and monitor heart issues. As part of our primary care services, this testing is available for individuals throughout the Los Angeles area through Dr. Daniel Benhuri in Beverly Hills, California.

What to Expect

During an echocardiogram, sound waves are used to produce images of your heart to identify any defects. You may need this ultrasound test if you are experiencing chest pains, irregular heartbeat or shortness of breath. Your doctor may also recommend this test if you recently had a heart attack or heart surgery.

The procedure takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Sticky patches called electrodes are placed on your chest to monitor your heart rhythm. A trained technologist places gel on your chest and waves a transducer device over your heart that uses sound waves to produce digital images. The doctor will review this test to recommend a customized treatment plan to meet your needs.

Echocardiogram vs EKG

There is one main difference between an echocardiogram versus an EKG test. An EKG measures whether the electrical efficiency of the heart is normal or too slow or erratic. It can also determine if there are abnormalities with the size or shape of the heart. This test can be beneficial for identifying risks associated with heart disease.

An echocardiogram can be more beneficial for evaluating the velocity of blood the heart is able to pump throughout your body. The ultrasound test examines the internal structure to assess the function of valves in order to diagnose disorders, coronary heart disease or heart enlargement and thickening. It can also be used to determine the effectiveness of medical and surgical procedures you have received.

Los Angeles Cardiac Echo Test Services

An echocardiogram can be beneficial for identifying heart problems to achieve a long and healthy life. Dr. Daniel Benhuri is a primary care doctor specializing in internal medicine for families through the Los Angeles area in California. New patients are currently welcome, with urgent care hours available during evenings and weekends. Schedule an appointment for a cardiac echo test today.

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