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Preoperative Physicals Beverly Hills, CA

If you need to have surgery, you most likely have a preoperative physical exam by the surgeon prior to the procedure. Preoperative physicals are used to gather information to determine if you are healthy enough to undergo anesthesia and surgery. This testing can ensure you receive the best treatment possible to have a successful outcome. Preoperative physicals and other similar testing are currently being offered by Dr. Daniel Benhuri for families in Beverly Hills, California.

Pre-Op Evaluation

The evaluation during preoperative physicals can include several tests to determine your overall health. Depending on the type of surgery and health of the patient, these tests can include a physical exam, lab tests, lung function evaluation and cardiac evaluation. The surgeon will review your medical history, pre-existing health conditions and current medications. You may also receive recommendations on lifestyle changes and instructions on preparing for your procedure during this appointment.

For individuals with medical conditions, referrals to specialists for treatment may be necessary. A preoperative physical should be performed within 30 days before the procedure to allow time to complete any necessary additional testing. By completing this testing in advance, you may avoid having your surgery postponed or experiencing an extended hospital stay. This testing does not guarantee that you will be cleared for any medical procedures.

What to Bring

There are a few things you will need to bring to your preoperative physical examination. Be prepared to provide your personal and family medical history as well as details about your injury or illness. Bring a list of current medications and supplements you are currently taking. If you have any recent lab results, bring these to your appointment as well. During this appointment, you may want to have a list of questions or concerns to discuss with the surgeon.

Beverly Hills Preoperative Physicals

Preoperative physicals ensure you are ready for your next surgical procedure. Dr. Daniel Benhuri provides comprehensive exams for individuals preparing for a surgical procedure in Beverly Hills, California. Results can be shared with outside specialists or physicians as needed. Extended evening and weekend hours are available and new patients are currently welcome. Schedule an appointment today.

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