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Cigna Beverly Hills, CA

Not all primary care physicians offer the same level of care. If you have Cigna insurance and prefer an internalist specializing in adult healthcare, options are available in Los Angeles. Daniel Benhuri, MD, is an internal medicine doctor that accepts Cigna insurance at his practice in Beverly Hills.

It is reasonable to demand personalized medical attention to get the most from your Cigna insurance coverage. Many primary care physicians have scaled back the level of care provided for each patient, focusing more on the quantity of patients versus the quality of care. Dr. Benhuri has built his practice on providing concierge medicine that goes above and beyond average primary care. You can visit our modern medical clinic in Beverly Hills for in-person wellness exams, vaccinations, screenings and treatments. We also offer house calls, telemedicine and an online patient portal. You will get premier healthcare that is affordable with the use of your Cigna insurance coverage.

Preventive and Chronic Medical Care

Preventive healthcare is one of the best ways to get the most value from your Cigna insurance policy. Dr. Benhuri can personalize a preventive health plan to help you manage your wellness. Routine exams, screenings, vaccines and other preventive care can reduce your risk for serious health problems. Early detection of health concerns will give you more options for treatments and reduce your long-term medical costs.

If you have chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, thyroid issues or other medical problems, you need a primary care physician to manage your treatment plan. The right medications and management can help reduce serious risks from your chronic condition. Dr. Benhuri is dedicated to providing the highest level of care for his patients, even offering house calls for those unable to travel to our clinic.

You deserve the best medical care available to protect your health. If you need an internal medicine physician in Beverly Hills that accepts Cigna healthcare insurance, contact the office of Daniel Benhuri, MD, in Los Angeles. We are accepting new adult patients looking for premium medical care for better health.

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