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Cancer Screening Beverly Hills, CA

Cancer screening helps identify early signs before any symptoms appear that can impact your health. Early detection of cancer symptoms can lead to more successful outcomes with treatment. The older you get, the higher your risk is for developing cancer. Dr. Daniel Benhuri is a primary care doctor who offers a comprehensive range of cancer screening tests for both men and women at his Beverly Hills clinic in California.

Types of Cancer Screening Tests

There are several types of cancer screening tests available. Some cancers do not have effective screening options, but research is being developed in those areas. The type of screenings you can receive will depend on your age and medical history. These tests are typically best performed when you are healthy and not experiencing any symptoms. It is vital to follow any recommendations provided by your primary care doctor to protect your health.

Breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings in the forms of mammograms and pap tests are popular, effective options for women. Colonoscopy and stool DNA tests can help detect signs of colorectal cancer. A general health screening can help identify signs and symptoms of skin cancer and cancers of the nose, mouth and throat. A CAT scan can help detect abnormalities or tumors in the lungs.

Cancer Screening Risks

Cancer screenings do have some risks or disadvantages. You will want to find a highly experienced cancer screening doctor who can provide reliable results. Screening can miss certain cancers and create false positive results.

Some tests may produce side effects such as pain, infection or bleeding. An individual may be over diagnosed with harmless cancers that do not require treatment. Your primary care doctor can explain the benefits and risks for the various types of screenings.

Beverly Hills Cancer Screening Doctor

Cancer screening is a vital investment in your health to help prevent symptoms from impacting your life. In addition to screenings, there are lifestyle adjustments you can make to help you lower your risk. As a highly credentialed internal medicine and primary care doctor, Dr. Daniel Benhuri can recommend the ideal cancer screening options best suited for your health needs. Schedule an appointment today.

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