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3 Vital Benefits of an Annual Check-Up Beverly Hills, CA
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The most important investment you can make for your life is with your health. An annual check-up is vital for detecting potential problems early before you experience a significant impact on your overall health. If you have not been visiting a primary care provider regularly, you may want to consider establishing a baseline now so you can prevent problems in the future. Here are three vital benefits you can receive from an annual check-up.

Lifestyle Change Recommendations
During an annual check-up, you can discover how certain lifestyle habits may be affecting your health. Your primary care doctor can provide guidance and support with recommendations for significant improvement. These changes include adjustments to your nutrition or fitness plans so you can achieve optimal health. You can also receive help to quit smoking or alcohol and substance abuse to improve your overall health.

Minimize Health Care Costs
Chronic health conditions cost Americans millions of dollars each year. An annual check-up can save you money on expensive medical exams and health costs for managing chronic conditions in the future. You can also save money on out-of-pocket costs for prescription medications and surgical procedures. These annual exams can lead to fewer doctor and hospitalization visits. Insurance hassles with coverage can be avoided by preventive services for certain health conditions.

Early Detection
A critical reason to get an annual check-up is to detect illnesses and diseases early before these can impact your health. Several health conditions are easily treatable in early stages but treatment can become more complicated if delayed. This also gives you the opportunity to be proactive in making adjustments to prevent health issues from recurring in the future. Common screenings include checking for cancer, cardiovascular disease, thyroid issues and high blood pressure.

Schedule Your Annual Check-Up

An annual check-up can be beneficial to your health in a multitude of ways. Dr. Daniel Benhuri provides a comprehensive range of screenings that can be included in a yearly exam. These tests will depend on your age, current health condition and family medical history. New patients are currently being accepted at the Beverly Hills clinic. Schedule your annual checkup today.

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