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Arthritis & Osteoarthritis Beverly Hills, CA

As you get older, you may start to notice issues with your joints. If you are experiencing pain, you may have either arthritis or osteoarthritis. These conditions can be debilitating and affect every area of your life. Dr. Daniel Benhuri offers comprehensive treatment for arthritis and osteoarthritis for individuals in Beverly Hills, California. This treatment can help relieve symptoms so you can live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Arthritis vs Osteoarthritis

While these disorders have similar names, arthritis and osteoarthritis are two separate medical conditions with distinct symptoms. Arthritis is inflammation that results in the secretion of bodily substances that destroy the structures of joints. Causes for this disorder may be infections or genetics. Osteoarthritis is a health condition that erodes joint cartilage from aging, obesity, past injuries, poor posture and joint malformation.

While joint pain is a common symptom with both conditions, how this pain presents itself is different. Pain with osteoarthritis increases as joints move and decreases while resting, while arthritis pain works in reverse. Severe symptoms of osteoarthritis can include increased swelling, joint instability and decreased range of motion. Individuals with arthritis may also experience redness, swelling and warmth with the affected joint.

Beverly Hills Arthritis Treatment

In order to determine the best osteoarthritis or arthritis treatment, an accurate diagnosis from a primary care doctor is necessary. This clinical assessment may involve a physical exam, blood tests and x-rays. Arthritis treatment may involve medications, physical therapy and lifestyle modifications.

Osteoarthritis Relief

Osteoarthritis relief can be obtained with similar strategies used with arthritis. Medications, hot and cold therapy, lifestyle medications and exercise can be highly beneficial for symptom relief. Whether you have arthritis or osteoarthritis, your doctor will discuss the risks and benefits with treatment and provide guidance and support throughout the process.

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Individuals with these conditions can find everyday tasks challenging. If you are struggling with arthritis or osteoarthritis, Dr. Daniel Benhuri can help with a customized treatment plan. New patients are currently being accepted at the Beverly Hills clinic. If you need urgent care, evening and weekend hours are available for your convenience. Schedule an appointment today.

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