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Adults and children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can struggle with remembering information, concentrating, following tasks and organizing tasks. These issues can impact every area of a person’s life. Boys can be more than twice as likely to receive a diagnosis than girls, because boys tend to exhibit more physical signs of hyperactivity. ADHD treatment through Dr. Daniel Benhuri in Beverly Hills can help eliminate these issues so individuals in California can achieve a better life.

Causes and Symptoms of ADHD

Symptoms of ADHD may include impulsiveness, restlessness and attention difficulties. The inability to focus can make everyday tasks challenging, leading to outbursts of anger. Symptoms in children can depend on the surrounding environment and change over time. Additional health conditions may be associated with ADHD for both adults and children. ADHD may be caused by genetics, development issues and environmental factors. Research is still being conducted for causes and symptoms of this neurodevelopmental disorder, especially in adults.

ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

A diagnosis can fall into one of three ADHD types. Inattentive ADHD involves issues with distraction, concentration and difficulty with details. The hyperactive or impulsive type has challenges with being quiet or sitting still. The combination type has a mixture of symptoms from the other two types. There are no lab tests to diagnose this disorder, so doctors rely on information gathered from the patient and others over a period of six months or longer.

Treatment options for ADHD may include medication for individuals over six years old, along with psychological counseling or behavior therapy. Numerous medication options are available, typically in the form of a stimulant or a non-stimulant. These treatment plans focus on monitoring and managing symptoms while making necessary adjustments along the way. This can involve making lifestyle modifications with diet, exercise and sleep habits.

Beverly Hills ADHD Consultation

If you have ADHD symptoms, you can manage your condition with the right treatment. As a primary care doctor specializing in internal medicine, Dr. Daniel Benhuri can recommend a customized treatment plan for both children and adults in the Beverly Hills area in California. Virtual and in-person consultations are available, and new patients are currently being accepted. Schedule an appointment for ADHD treatment today.

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